Who is 365?

Deborah Boza-Valledor


Who am I????
I am an Island Girl!  I was born on the Island of Key West, my Father is from the Island of Cuba, my Mother’s family is from the Eleuthera Islands in the Bahamas, and my Grandparent’s family is from the Canary Islands.


I am the proud daughter of Betty and Art Boza.  I am the proud sister of Tere’, Art and Charlie. I am the proud Aunt of Allen, Ryan, Casey, Michael, Jared, Corey and Allison. I am my family!

I am the proud owner of (originally 4) the most incredible dogs that have changed my life for the better. They were Certified Therapy Dogs and they worked with children with Cancer since 1992 – all are now retired. As “Love Sponges” they loved unconditionally while they provided happy and bright visits for kids with Cancer. One of my dogs, Rudy Valentino is pictured below.

To find out more about Therapy Dogs, click here.
I am an avid collector of Beatles memorabilia, Barbie Dolls, Ruby Red Glassware from the 20’s & 30’s and I love anything from my favorite movie, The Wizard of Oz.


I am a Trainer, a Teacher, an Educator.

I am a REALTOR®.


…and of course…I am a coffee lover!


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